Headucator Reveals Why He Exposed Hayford

The transgender Ghanaian, dubbed “Headucator,” who appeared with Hayford in a leaked tape, has disclosed the reason behind her exposure of him.

Headucator has detailed everything that transpired between the two of them leading up to the disclosure of their private bedroom activities in a brand-new video.

Headucator claims that when Hayford reached out to her on social media, she was lounging elsewhere.

Headucator Reveals Why He Exposed Hayford

He expressed his desire for her to come see him at his residence and expressed his interest in her.

She added that she told him he would have to cover the cost of transportation if she came over, and he agreed to do so.

When she arrived at Hayford’s apartment, she claims she discovered he was not who he claimed to be, but he still made advances toward her, suggesting they partake in activities that his sugar mommy would pay $300 for.

Nevertheless, Hayford broke his half of the agreement once she consented and consumed anything he desired, which resulted in the release of their film.

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