We won’t rig a single vote in 2024 – NPP’s Sammi Awuku

 Mr. Sammi Awuku, a member of the New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) campaign staff, the party plans to win all of the polls in 2024.

He denied allegations made by the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) that the NPP is counting on manipulating the results to “break the 8.” He believes that the NPP is committed to using a tactic that would surprise its political rivals to win the polls.

We won’t rig a single vote in 2024 – NPP’s Sammi Awuku

Speaking on Metro TV’s Good Evening Ghana Show, the former national organizer of the NPP expressed confidence in his party’s superior message and strategy and said the party is focused on selling its campaign message for Ghanaians to compare and contrast.

“NPP will not attempt or try to rig a single ballot but our deep thought out strategy, planning leading to execution and also communicating what we can do to the Ghanaian people”, he disclosed.

He added “The polls that we have done and what I have seen in an objective space, I can tell you in parliament you are right but in the Presidential we are slightly ahead but we are not campaigning as an incumbent”, he disclosed.

The Leading Member of the Bawumia’s campaign team disclosed that the NPP is certain to win the polls based on strategy which the NDC will not understand.

“The last time I came here I told you that the NPP will win the elections based on strategy, the NDC will not understand. We are proposing solutions.


In his view “ the ballot in 2024 will be a choice between hope and hopelessness, between the future that the youth are dreaming of and the future you can never get, it will be a choice between a young man who is also determined that this is what I can do for my people when given the opportunity and the others”

On whether the elections will go into a second round, he responded “We want to campaign hard and win the elections in the first round. As I said, I won’t kid you it would be a tough election for both parties. The Youth will determine and tilt the balance of power”

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