Two rainstorms set to hit Ghana – GMet urge Ghanaians to prepare

A warning regarding approaching weather disturbances that are expected to affect the entire nation on Thursday, May 16, has been released by the Ghana Meteorological Agency (GMet).

Two rainstorms were expected to arrive in the morning, with the Nigerian storm expected to land at around 9:30 am.

It is expected that areas north and along the coast will experience the most intense rainfall, strong gusts, and thunderous weather.

Two rainstorms set to hit Ghana – GMet urge Ghanaians to prepare

The statement elaborated, “A rainstorm that is moderately producing thunderstorms with rain over northern Benin into Togo is expected to drift further westwards to affect the northern half of Ghana. However, a separate rainstorm observed over Nigeria is also expected to propagate westwards to affect the coastal and middle sectors of the country.”

GMet emphasized the increased danger of wind and flooding damage and urged people living in high-risk locations to be cautious and take protective measures.

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