‘I found out from my father that Kennedy Agyapong is my relative’ – Obinim

Bishop Daniel Obinim, the General Overseer of the International Godsway Church, has made the shocking revelation that Kennedy Agyapong, his most vociferous critic, is a cousin.

Obinim says that this realization was the main factor in his decision to forgive the legislator because he was no longer able to hold resentment toward his “own blood.”

Obinim told the congregation during a sermon that Agyapong had called him a brother whenever he appeared in public, which had led him to look into the veracity of these statements.

‘I found out from my father that Kennedy Agyapong is my relative’ – Obinim

“To my astonishment, I learned that Kennedy Agyapong and I are indeed blood relatives. On one occasion, he publicly referred to me as his brother, expressing regret for his actions had he known of our familial ties. This led me to inquire with my father, who confirmed our relationship, explaining that his elder brother was married to Kennedy Agyapong’s mother. The news took me by surprise,” Obinim shared.

After learning of this, Obinim expressed his forgiveness to the Assin Central MP for all the trouble he had caused. He also brought up an instance in which he had forewarned Agyapong of his father’s impending death, which had happened a few months before.

“I recall the recent passing of Kennedy Agyapong’s father. I was the first to break the news, even before Kennedy himself. It was at that moment that I fully forgave him. His well-being matters to me, and we have since reconciled. Although at that time, I requested my name be removed from the obituary and funeral program,” he stated.

These comments were made as Obinim reflected on the years of accusations and torment he endured from Agyapong, who had labeled him a fraudulent man of God.


In 2020, Kennedy Agyapong launched a crusade against certain clergymen in Ghana, denouncing them as impostors and accusing them of misusing the sacred name for personal gain.

He engaged in fiery debates with several pastors, including Bishop Obinim, levying a series of serious allegations against them.

Agyapong’s charges against Obinim ranged from accusations of adultery and promiscuity to money laundering and spreading doctrinal falsehoods.

As a result, Obinim was detained by the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) and faced charges related to the dissemination of misinformation, fraud, and falsification of documents, contravening sections 208 and 159 of the Criminal and Other Offences Act.



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