Prophet Kofi Oduro slams government over dumsor

Alabaster International Ministry prophet Kofi Oduro has harshly criticized the government for the ongoing dumsor power shortages.

The majority of Ghanaians are currently protesting about dumsor, particularly in light of the government’s persistent failure to acknowledge that load-shedding is the root of the problem.

The majority of people are also incensed at the Ghanaian Electricity Company for refusing to provide a load-shedding schedule in the midst of the disruptions.

In a sermon delivered over the weekend, Prophet Kofi Oduro suggested that the current state of affairs was an indication of poor financial management and leadership.

Prophet Kofi Oduro slams government over dumsor

“Today, I slept outside, in my house, on three chairs combined. You can’t sleep, because you are living in a nation that has no leadership; we voted for them, we’ve given them free food, free water, free fuel, free electricity, free everything, we have given them a salary and have asked them to fix our issues.

“Ghana, you are crippled, you are blind, your leaders are blind and dumb dogs who cannot speak and cannot perform. You are 67 and you are struggling with common electricity.

“Electricity is a common amenity, what is happening is not a lack of supply, it is a money issue and if it is a money issue, it is mismanagement. This electricity issue is revealing how flawed our leadership is. Flawed leadership, I don’t care about your parties or who is in office,” he stressed.

“Hope must be restored, we are praying for you and speaking positively that things will get well, when lights go off and we are in the heat, your generator starts automatically, what kind of nonsense is this?” he asked.

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