John Mahama promises to prosecute anyone who has misappropriated state funds

John Dramani Mahama, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) flagbearer, has issued a strong warning to present government appointees who are engaged in the embezzlement of public funds.

He made it abundantly evident that anyone elected in the next elections who engaged in such behavior would be held accountable for the damage they caused to the country.

Mr. Mahama emphasised that his goal is to make sure state resources are used for the appropriate reasons, which would ultimately benefit the Ghanaian people, rather than to go on a witch hunt.

Speaking on Tuesday, April 16, as part of his “Building the Ghana We Want” trip in the North East Region, he emphasized the significance of openness and accountability in administration, saying that those found guilty of embezzling money will suffer the consequences.

John Mahama promises to prosecute anyone who has misappropriated state funds

Under his administration, the former president promised to give investigative and anti-corruption organizations the authority they need to do their jobs well. His goal in letting these institutions do their work unhindered is to fight corruption and protect the rule of law in Ghana.

Mr. Mahama promised a better future under his leadership, urging the young people of Ghana to vote for the NDC in the 2024 elections while urging them to maintain their optimism.

He emphasized the significance of working together to create a successful and just society, stressing the importance of young people in determining the course of the country.

“ But I can assure them that the people of Ghana will hold them accountable for what they have done. We are not going to witch hunt anybody, but if you have messed up the lives of the people of Ghana and you have misappropriated their money, you must account for it. So investigative institutions and corruption institutions are going to work and the youth of this country must recognise the harm inflicted on you,” he said.

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