GPRTU demands 30% increment in transport fares

To counteract the increased operational costs brought on by rising fuel prices, the Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU) is advocating for a 30% rise in transport fares.

Speaking on JoyNews’ PM Express regarding the topic “The Rising Cost of Fuel: Why you must brace for more hikes,” the Deputy Public Relations Officer, Samuel Amoah, outlined the union’s position.

Mr. Amoah stated that this week’s talks will carry on from last Wednesday’s beginning with the Transport Ministry.

He also brought up the GPRTU’s earlier attempt in January to impose a 20 percent fare increase, which was turned down by the Ministry on the grounds of procedural irregularities.

GPRTU demands 30% increment in transport fares

GPRTU had previously used a number of cost issues, such as replacement parts, lubricants, DVLA, and insurance fees, to support its proposed hike.

“The Ministry therefore invited us for a conversation, an invitation we accepted and presented all our reasons for the 20 percent increment. Even at that time, the fuel price wasn’t as it is now. The 20 percent we came up with earlier, we considered the cost of spare parts, lubricants, and DVLA and Insurance taxes. Those were the major components that we focused on to come up with the 20 percent increment,” he said on Tuesday.

Mr. Amoah emphasized that their earlier plan has been reevaluated in light of the notable increase in fuel prices. The GPRTU has changed its stance and is now advocating for a 30% increase in transportation fares in view of the unfavorable economic circumstances that exist now.

He emphasized how crucial this change is to easing drivers’ financial burdens and preserving the sustainability of their businesses.

Mr. Amoah voiced hope that the Ministry will acknowledge the pressing need for fare modifications in order to save the livelihoods of transportation providers and enable them to carry on offering vital services to the country.

“Our expectation on Wednesday is that, surely the Transport Ministry will agree with us so that we can increase the fares for our drivers to have peace of mind to continue serving the nation.”

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