Ghana ranked 4th most stressful country for workers

According to Gallup’s 2023 State of the Global Workplace survey, Ghana ranks fourth among Sub-Saharan African nations where workers experience the highest levels of stress.

The Gallup poll indicates that stress is a common occurrence for Ghanaian workers.

On the list of workers who experience the most stress on a daily basis, Chad came in first.

Uganda is ranked second, followed by Tanzania in third place, Senegal in fifth place, Sierra Leone in sixth place, Nigeria in seventh place, Guinea in eighth place, Togo in ninth place, and Cameroon in tenth place.

Of workers in Sub-Saharan Africa, 46% report experiencing stress on a regular basis. Employees who are female (48%), and employees who are male (45%), report experiencing stress on a daily basis.

Employee stress is at an all-time high, even though the pandemic’s greatest effects have gone, according to Gallup.

Ghana ranked 4th most stressful country for workers

The poll found that 44% of employees reported feeling extremely stressed out the day before, matching the record high from 2021 and continuing a trend of increased stress that started more than a decade ago.

Gallup observes that while organizational leaders try to manage an uncertain economic picture, employees’ stress levels are having an effect on performance and productivity.

“Much has been made about the pros and cons of remote, hybrid or fully on-site work. Some employees find working from home more conducive to focused work, while others find they focus better in the office. The office remains a gathering place for social bonding, development and culture building within organizations. But the flexibility of remote work allows for greater autonomy and wellbeing, which today’s workers highly prize,” Gallup stated in its survey.

Gallup found that employee stress is influenced by engagement 3.8 times more than by work location, suggesting that employees’ excitement and emotions of involvement have a greater impact on stress reduction than physical location.

In each nation or region, Gallup normally conducts surveys with 1,000 people, using a common set of core questions that are translated into the official languages of each nation. Gallup gathers oversamples in large cities and areas of particular interest in certain countries.

The responses of persons 15 years of age and older who worked for an employer for any amount of hours are included in the statistics in this Gallup study.

“With a few exceptions, all samples are probability-based and nationally representative. Gallup uses data weighting to minimize bias in survey-based estimates, ensure samples are nationally representative for each country, and correct for unequal selection probability, nonresponse, and double coverage of landline and mobile phone users when using both mobile phone and landline frames. Gallup also weights its final samples to match the national demographics of each selected country.”

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