Bernard Mornah declares intention to run for president

Former People’s National Convention (PNC) National Chairman Bernard Mornah has declared his candidacy for president.

He claimed that many Americans, including women, young people, people with disabilities, and the elderly, had asked him to run for president because they thought he was more qualified to govern the country.

“The increasing number of people from all corners of the country: the aged, women, people with disability, but more importantly, the youth—have been calling and waiting for my declaration so that they will commence mobilisation of both resources and votes for the project,” graphic.com.gh quoted him as having said.

Bernard Mornah declares intention to run for president

Mornah emphasised that his presidential bid aims to tackle corruption and injustice, which have hindered development and caused hardships for the people.

“That greed leads to unquenchable corruption, so to turn the tide, we need someone whose background dictated that greed was an abhorred terminology. Becoming president for me is to fulfil the dreams of our forebears of Ghana and Africa capable of managing its own affairs.

“I have been around for a considerable period of time and those who have known me can attest to the fact that my whole being has been about service. I abhor injustice, it does not matter who is affected. I have fought for my enemies,” he is reported to have said.

In reference to his campaign, Mornah stated that he intends to revitalize PNC structures and collaborate with individuals from all over the nation who share his vision and are prepared to provide him with resources in order to realize his aim of becoming president.

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