The Church of Pentecost declares 3-day fasting and prayers after Church robbery

In the Johannesburg branch of the Church of Pentecost in South Africa, a three-day prayer and fast has been proclaimed in honor of their kidnapped Deacon.

On Sunday, October 29, 2023, during a live service, some suspected armed robbers assaulted the church’s Johannesburg branch.

The alleged bandits who stole the goods from the crowd entered the service, which was being aired live on television. Following their looting of the group members’ belongings, they also kidnapped a church deacon.

The Deacon has so far not been found.

The Church of Pentecost declares 3-day fasting and prayers after Church robbery

The event was verified by the Ghana High Commission in South Africa, which also stated that the Mission was collaborating closely with the security services to ensure the Deacon’s release.

In a statement dated October 31, 2023, Apostle Eric Nyamekye, the church’s chairman, stated that the fast will begin on October 31 and go until November 2, 2023.

He clarified, saying, “We will also be interceding for Global peace, with particular emphasis on the ongoing conflicts in Gaza and Ukraine,” during the three-day intersession of prayer and fasting.

In order to obtain the Deacon’s release, Apostle Nyamekye stated that the church is now working with both the South African authorities and Ghana’s High Commission in South Africa.

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