EC Sets May 7 to 27 for the Update of Voters’ Register

The public opening of voter registrations is set for May 7, 2024, by the Electoral Commission (EC).

The commission asserts that in order to minimize any difficulty to eligible voters, it is critical to update the voter registration prior to the general elections in December.

Furthermore, the European Commission declared that releasing the register allows individuals who have recently reached the voting age of eighteen to have their names entered into the database.

EC Sets May 7 to 27 for the Update of Voters’ Register

Samuel Tettey, the Commission’s Deputy Chairman of Operations, continued, saying that those who have misplaced their voter cards would also be able to register.

“Voting registration is often the most complex and expensive component of the electoral process and it involves identifying which citizens are eligible to vote and producing a list of register of voters for use on polling day.

“Often a contested process and if wrong, they comprise the entire election process, so the voters’ register plays an important role in securing a very successful election” he said.

He emphasized that in order to allow for name or other detail adjustments, a subsequent exhibition of voter registration will be conducted.

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