Dumsor Vigil To Hit Accra Soon

Following a largely positive reception from supporters and organizers in Kumasi, preparations are in motion to move the Dumsor Vigil to Accra, the nation’s capital.

One of the organizers of the event, Henry Osei Akoto, explained why it was decided to duplicate the vigil that happened in Kumasi on April 17, 2024, saying that Kumasi alone would not be sufficient.

He clarified in an interview that the purpose of relocating the vigil is to increase political pressure on the administration and draw attention to the crippling consequences that power outages have on livelihoods and enterprises.

He added that the group would soon organize Ghanaians to demonstrate against the inconsistent power supply, or Dumsor.

Dumsor Vigil To Hit Accra Soon

The Ashanti Democrats, under the leadership of Jerry James Sukkah, organize the Dumsor Vigil, which is a protest against the inconsistent power supply that exists throughout the nation.

The Accra version’s release date has not yet been disclosed.

“We will mobilise Ghanaians on the streets soon if you don’t resolve DUMSOR; the inconvenience is just too much.

“You promised Ghanaians you were going to give us an uninterrupted POWER SUPPLY; see where you’ve brought us,” he said.

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