All married men cheats – Ahuofe Patri

Ahoufe Patri, a well-known media figure in Ghana, recently opened up about an unsettling event that highlighted the dishonest strategies some men use in relationships.

The actress told the story of a persistent suitor who found out she was married after they had been dating since December.

Ahoufe Patri described the interaction in detail, revealing that the man lavished her with love while trying to coerce her into saying yes to his proposal.

All married men cheats – Ahuofe Patri

Still, her gut told her to go cautiously, so she looked into it more.

A few weeks later, to her dismay, she learned that the man had shared a picture of his wife online in honor of her birthday.

Ahoufe Patri expressed her dissatisfaction and asked why men lie to single women about their marital status, especially when their motives are not good.

Conversations around openness and honesty in relationships have been triggered by this revelation.

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