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3 things you shouldn’t do for a woman you are not married to

Love is an illogical emotion. Before we fall in love, we are unaware of how insane we may be.

Even while it’s important to demonstrate our love and support for the people we care about, there are some things that should never be done, regardless of how much we care about them.

Fund their education: If you want to fund a woman’s education, do it out of the kindness of your heart. That way, you limit your expectations and keep your options open.

Funding someone’s education with the intention to marry them will make it unbearable for you if they decide to leave you. Anything that costs too much money will knock you down if it doesn’t yield any interest.

3 things you shouldn’t do for a woman you are not married to

Don’t take responsibility for all her needs: It’s important not to shoulder all of someone’s financial needs, especially if you are not married to them.

You must by all means take care of the woman you love and get her gifts and some petty cash to prove your love.

However, taking on every financial responsibility can make it difficult to determine whether the relationship is based on genuine affection or financial dependency.

Don’t let her move in: Lovers love to spend time together. Some spend days together and some even stay together for months.

But if you are not married don’t let her move in completely. As difficult as this may sound it can save you certain costs and drama in the future.

To avoid certain complicated situations and conflicts it will be better to not let your partner move in entirely till you are legally married.

Love can inspire us to make significant gestures, but it’s crucial to approach financial support with thoughtfulness and clear boundaries, especially when you’re not in a committed relationship like marriage.

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