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Five things you can do to feel happy right now

Credit alerts are the greatest source of joy, but what else can you do to make others happy if you don’t have any?

It may be really disheartening, particularly if you follow the global news cycle.

It’s also possible that you’re anxiously waiting for things to happen. If you want a quick pick-me, what can you do to feel better right away?

Eat food

Are you sad, or are you hungry? Sometimes you are in a foul mood because you haven’t eaten a delicious meal in a while.

Take a pause and think of a meal that will make you really happy, then go and buy it.

Five things you can do to feel happy right now

Research has shown over and over again that walking will significantly improve your mood and reduce depression.

If you are home and feeling depressed, leave your house and take a walk. If you are at work and work is getting overwhelming, take a walk to clear your head.

Not just a friend, but a friend who radiates positive energy and has jokes and quips that will leave you in stitches.

If you can go to their house, do it, but if you can’t, call them on video or by phone. You will be amazed at how much your friend can improve your mood.

Have you ever spent all day and night watching a movie or series, and you were so engrossed that you forgot about what’s happening to you? Movies make you temporarily suspend your thoughts and focus on what is happening on the screen in front of you, and sometimes that’s all you need.

Sometimes, you’re unhappy because you are perpetually online. It’s unhealthy to constantly watch and read what other people are doing, saying, and commenting on.

Unplug yourself from the noise, pick up a book and read, or even sleep or take a walk.

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