New Force spokesperson deported

After her permission was revoked, Shalimar Abuissi, a spokesman for the New Force, was deported by the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS).

After state prosecutors chose to abandon the case, a Kaneshie District Court on Tuesday, December 19, 2023, cleared the Belgian national of charges related to acquiring a student permit under false pretenses.

In her first immigration applications, Ms. Shalimar had said that she was a student at the Ghana Christian University College.

Nevertheless, this claim was proven to be false after state intelligence investigations.

When Ms. Shalimar’s accusations were withdrawn by State Prosecutors, the court proceedings took an unexpected turn, and she was visibly relieved.

New Force spokesperson deported

Ms. Shalimar’s freedom was short-lived, though, as she was quickly taken into custody again after the brief reprieve.

For a scant twenty minutes, she was in the diametrically opposed worlds of freedom and imprisonment.

The state arranged for Ms. Shalimar’s repatriation after her permit was revoked, giving her a 24-hour window in which to depart the nation.

She took off Tuesday night at 10 PM from Kotoka International Airport, heading for Brussels.

Ms. Shalimar’s attorney, Francis Xavier, expressed displeasure with the course of events and said that the state had infringed upon her fundamental human rights.

He declared that he would seek justice and that he intended to carry out the legal action that had been started at the Human Rights Court.

When Ms. Shalimar Abuissi’s attorney argued with immigration officials during her re-arrest, the situation drastically changed.

The way things were going highlighted how complicated her case was and how many court cases she might have to face.


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