Fella Makafui reportedly moves out of her matrimonial home

Online rumors indicate that Fella Makafui has moved out of the house she formerly occupied with her spouse and child. Media personality Caleb Nii Boye made this discovery public on Facebook.

Boye cautioned against making unfounded claims against Fella’s mother in his essay, highlighting the importance of not accusing her of practicing juju in her daughter’s married house.

“Fella has packed out of the house but manners who see her mum and accuse her of doing juju in her in-law’s house should stop it. Not cool,” his post read.

Furthermore, videos showing a large truck parked outside the house, maybe for moving furniture, have appeared on a number of blogs.

Before this happened, there had been more controversy surrounding Fella and Medikal’s living conditions throughout their divorce.

Fella Makafui reportedly moves out of her matrimonial home

Their argument was exacerbated by Medikal’s insistence that Fella’s cousin, who had been living there for more than two years, leave the property.

As a result, Fella has escalated their dispute by asking the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) to look into Medikal.

In addition, who owns the house has become a disputed matter.

While claiming to have added Fella’s name for their daughter’s benefit, Medikal yet retains complete financial responsibility for the property.

On the other hand, Fella refutes this assertion, pointing to her contributions during their marriage and stating that she plans to provide evidence to support her position in court.

In the midst of this conflict, social media revealed records of their home and property, which prompted the Nungua Stool to step in and confirm the veracity of their claims.

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