“There are a lot of corrupt people in my ministry” – Road minister

Kwasi Amoako-Attah, the minister of roads and highways, seems to be on a major rampage to right the wrongs in the roads sector.

Recently, the minister has been seen publicly chastising people who have been found engaging in actions that jeopardize the operations of his sector and have an impact on roadways.

Most recently, at Akrofufu in the Atiwa West District of the Western region, he reprimanded and detained some unlicensed miners whose actions near a mining site were clogging traffic and spreading mud on the tarred road.

In a more recent video that Graphic was able to obtain, Mr. Amoako-Attah referred to some of his ministry’s employees and members as thieves and corrupt.

According to him, these elements put their selfish interests above that of the country, and this reflects in their failure to ensure the right thing is done at all times.

“There are a lot of corrupt people in my ministry” – Road minister

“There are a lot of corrupt people, there are a lot of thieves in my ministry. You sack them, you employ new ones, and when they come, the new ones are even worse than the old ones that you sacked, what kind of country are we building for ourselves?

“I don’t know what people want, we will die and leave everything behind. All of us, those who came before us are all gone. We heard the big names, people with money and wealth, where are they? Look at what we are seeing and we are citizens of this country,” he said.

The minister who was visibly upset about freight vehicles which park their goods along many roads in Ghana said some of these actions are going on as a result of the refusal and failure of elements in his ministry to apprehend culprits and met out the necessary punishments.

“And these drivers, what they cannot do in their country, they do it here with impunity because people choose money over protecting the roads.

“We have people in my own ministry involved. We have fought these wars for years and we don’t seem to win,” he added.

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