I pay every market woman you see in my dance videos – Official Starter reveals

Official Starter, a dancer and content developer, has revealed that he pays every market woman he works with on his viral dance videos.

He underlined that while the market ladies give up their varied work hours for his content, it is essential to compensate them for their services.

During a recent discussion at the African Music Business Dialogue’s Pulse Chat Session, Official Starter made this observation.

“Right now I am working with them so I have to pay them because they are not professional dancers, they are market women, and because they are not professional dancers, creating a choreography takes like 10 minutes with someone like Endurance, but with them, it might take like 2 to 3 hours.

“They have to leave whatever they are doing to join me, so I have to pay them; I’m wasting their time,” Official Starter said.

Official Starter acknowledged the difficulties of working with women who are not professional dancers while expressing gratitude for the opportunity to work with market ladies.

“Working with them, I feel like I have to do more,” he said. “The people out there, some don’t even know me. My content is crossing borders. Getting to that part is crazy. Me working with mothers… You have to be calm. Working with 20 market women, you have to arrange them. It’s not easy,” he added.

In recognition of the market women’s sacrifices and contributions to his viral material, Official Starter has pledged to pay them.

Official Starter, real name Ernest Raja Nettey, became well-known for his upbeat dancing videos of market girls from the bustling streets of the city.

They have captured hearts all around the world with their passionate performances; Burna Boy, the Afrobeat sensation, even shouted them out.

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