Ghana ranked 9th safest African country for women

Ghana is the ninth-most-safe country in Africa for women to travel to, according to the most recent Global Women Peace and Security Index 2023.

The index, which ranks 177 nations according to factors including women’s participation, justice, and security, revealed Seychelles to be the highest-ranked nation in Africa, with Ghana not far behind.

Ghana ranked 9th safest African country for women

The top 10 list also included Cape Verde, South Africa, Mauritius, Tunisia, Rwanda, Botswana, Tanzania, and Sao Tome and Principe, respectively, each recognized for their efforts in ensuring safety and security for women.

On the contrary, the report highlighted the Central African Republic as the most unsafe country to visit, with other countries such as the DR Congo, South Sudan, Burundi, Eswatini, Somalia, Niger, Sudan, Chad, and Nigeria rounding up the bottom of the list, signaling significant challenges in terms of safety and security for women travelers.

Ghana’s placement in the top 10 demonstrates the country’s commitment to promoting women’s rights, safety, and inclusion, encouraging travelers to explore its diverse landscapes and vibrant culture with confidence.

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