Ato Essien won’t be imprisoned for 15 years – Nigel Gaisie

Ato Essien, a former CEO of the now-defunct Capital Bank, will not serve out his whole 15-year jail term, according to Prophet Nigel Gaisie, the founder and head of Prophetic Hill Chapel.

After failing to fully refund a sum of GH90 million as required by the conditions of a plea deal he reached with the state, Ato Essien was sentenced on October 12, 2023.

Having previously predicted the detention of a former CEO, prophet Nigel Gaisie has now confirmed that his prophesy related to Ato Essien.

He wrote on Facebook, hours after the sentence was handed down: “Who remembers…the Exact prophecy I was inspired to give about this case before it even began, guess. Sad moments but the Lord, just told me this afternoon that *HE WILL COME OUT SOON…the 15 years will not STAND….PNG”.

Ato Essien won’t be imprisoned for 15 years – Nigel Gaisie

Legal issues for Ato Essien result from his participation in Capital Bank’s demise. He had admitted guilt to 16 charges of theft, money laundering, and theft conspiracy. A plea agreement was made under section 35(7) of the Courts Act 459 that mandated him to pay the state GH90 million back.

On December 13, Ato Essien paid the first payment of Gh30 million. He did not, however, make the 2023 dates for the remaining GH60 million in installments.

The state had been adamant that failing to meet any of these payment deadlines would result in a prison term.

On October 12, 2023, the court sentenced Ato Essien to 15 years in jail since he couldn’t pay his debts.



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