It is none of your concern how I make my money – Dulcie to Delay

The emphasis fell on social media sensation Dulcie Boateng, widely known as the “Snapchat Queen,” as she engaged in a heated debate with host Deloris Frimpong Manso, popularly known as Delay.

The focal point of the disagreement was the source of Dulcie’s money and the broader consequences of interrogating anyone, especially women, about their financial achievement.

Known for her frank interviews, Delay questioned the veracity of Dulcie’s fortune and brought attention to the recent trend of people claiming enterprises that subsequently run afoul of the law, like romance scams.

It is none of your concern how I make my money – Dulcie to Delay

The host voiced worries that Dulcie might be engaging in comparable behaviors and misrepresenting herself on Snapchat.

Quickly answering the pointed questions, Dulcie retaliated by asking Delay if she would ask the same questions of a male.

“Will you ask a man the same question if he was sitting in front of you?”

Defending her position, Dulcie emphasised that gender should not be a determining factor in such financial inquiries.

Delay countered, citing previous instances where she had questioned men, including Medikal, and urged Dulcie not to play the gender card.

The interview took a turn as Delay highlighted instances in Ghana where individuals falsely claimed ownership of assets for attention, referencing Akuapem Poloo’s admission of fabricating car ownership for social media views.

“This is what is happening in Ghana,” Delay stated. “Akuapem Poloo came here and said she had bought the car, but she later admitted it was for views. I am not bullying you,” she added.

Despite the escalating tension, Dulcie stood her ground, expressing scepticism about the motives behind questioning women about their sources of income.

“I don’t think you are [bullying], to know where women get their money from.”

The conversation also touched on Dulcie’s past experiences, notably her time at Achimota school, where she faced pressure.

Delay suggested that Dulcie might be subjecting other girls to similar pressures, to which Dulcie responded by affirming her ability to turn pressure into positive outcomes.

In a surprising revelation, the Snapchat Queen disclosed that she had financed the construction of her four-bedroom house solely through earnings amassed from her activities on Snapchat, vehemently asserting the legitimacy of her wealth.
The intense exchange on The Delay Show has since sparked widespread discussions on social media, with opinions divided on the appropriateness of probing individuals, especially women, about the sources of their wealth.

The clash between Delay and the Snapchat Queen has become a focal point for a broader conversation about societal expectations and financial scrutiny.

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