How to register a business account on YouTube

In terms of visibility and interaction, YouTube offers unrivaled growth prospects. You have a plethora of options on this second-largest website in the world to get genuine YouTube likes for your videos, both naturally and by opting to purchase YouTube subscribers.

Some YouTube users select growth tools to expand the viewership on their channel. It is not always beneficial, though, as certain growth programs, like Viboom, are really frauds. For instance, Viboom user reviews and ratings clearly indicate that it is not a great tool for YouTube growth.

However, producers and companies must first set up a YouTube business account. It’s never too late to start, so if you haven’t already, follow these simple instructions to make a website.


First things first: to get started with a YouTube business account, having a Google account is a prerequisite. Creating a Google Account is pretty simple, sign up on Gmail with basic details and set a password to get started. To avoid any confusion and to create clear distinctions, it is suggested to create a new Gmail account for business purposes only, even if you already have an existing account.

How to register a business account on YouTube


The next thing is to log in on YouTube with the Google account that you just created. In case you were already logged in with your personal account, you can easily switch to-and-fro between multiple accounts. Once you’ve made your way to your new YouTube account, click on the Your Channel option under the drop-down list after clicking on your avatar icon. Here, you’ll be asked for your first name and last name along with the option to use a product or a business name. You can use this option to insert your brand name and get started with your YouTube Business account.


Even after you’ve successfully created your YouTube Business account, the job isn’t done yet. Customizing an appealing channel icon is crucial to make your account look presentable and help you gain more views on your YouTube videos. Before you send your content for the world to see, it is important to craft an attractive icon that represents your brand. Next up, create a banner for your YouTube channel that gives a glimpse of the kind of content that you’ll be posting.


Do not overlook the ‘About” section of your account, as it can help like-minded audiences discover you. Here, you can let your people know more about your channel, its purpose, and also your major activities that lie beyond the realm of YouTube. Although it’s not necessary to use SEO keywords, you can always throw around dense keywords to increase discoverability and gain more views on your YouTube videos without having to buy YouTube subscribers. You can add your email id, and 5 links to your home page which can redirect the audience towards your website, blog, and social media handles.


If you want to gain more views on your YouTube videos and enhance engagements, remaining consistent with your upload is uncompromisable. However, managing YouTube as a one-man task can get overwhelming. So, to delegate different tasks to different individuals, YouTube lets users add team members. You can go to your channel settings, and click on add or remove managers and manage permissions. On the pop-up box that opens, you can insert the email addresses of your team members to send an invite.


If you plan on creating and posting content that is longer than 15 minutes, you first need to verify your YouTube Business account. To verify your account, you can simply head over, select your country, add your contact details and insert the OTP to complete the process. After you verify your account, you can now create customized thumbnails and upload longer videos. Verifying accounts gives users a lot of liberty to experiment with longer content without segmenting videos. Using customized, compelling, catchy, and contrasted thumbnails can also help you to gain more views on your YouTube videos without having to buy YouTube subscribers.


YouTube isn’t merely a video platform; it represents a community in itself. So, if you want to signal your channel as part of a niche tribe, you need to let your viewers know that you are a part of your industry community. You can shower some love on some fellow creators by highlighting featured channels, liking their content and subscribing industry experts. It can also make your account look active, however, make sure to avoid highlighting your competitors and liking controversial content.


Once you’ve completed all the formalities required to get started, you now need to alert your existing community about your new YouTube channel. It is suggested to start the publicity and create some buzz even before you’ve posted anything. You can ask your circle to subscribe to your channel and tap the bell icon to get notified once your video goes live. Posting teasers on social media platforms like Instagram, and Facebook is a great way to gain more views on your YouTube videos without having to buy YouTube subscribers.


Now that you’ve created your YouTube Business account, you can get into action and get your content rolling. Mastering the art of YouTube may take a while, but remaining creative and creative will surely let you touch milestones. So don’t let anything hold you back and get started with your YouTube using the steps given above.

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