Cheap ways to maintain to stay healthy

The body experiences negative emotions not just when someone does anything evil but even when they do nothing good. It has long been known that skipping out on physical activity has a negative influence on health; British scientists have even revealed that women who do not exercise may potentially get cancer.

The fair sex should be encouraged to participate in physical education only by this. And since exercise is an expensive endeavor, those ladies who feel that they cannot afford it should look for easier and less expensive ways to maintain their physical health. If you’d want to make extra money to support your fitness goals.

Cheap ways to maintain to stay healthy

Fitness exercises

1. Simple ball.

The ball is inexpensive, and fitness exercises do not require a particular room. The benefits that classes with it can provide are correct posture and removing an unsightly mound in the abdominal area.

2. Fickle coach.

If you can’t afford a full-time personal trainer, it doesn’t matter. Mostly, you can train independently and consult a specialist only occasionally. Pay for just 2 hours to select an individual set of exercises for you and advise you on proper fitness nutrition – this will be more than enough for a certain period.

3. As a musketeer.

This sport may need to be more effective in terms of health. Many people think: “What’s so special about just waving a stick?” However, at first glance, there is nothing special here. Fencing has a beneficial effect: the thighs become slender, and the buttocks become firm. If you don’t have enough money for a real sword, pick up a pointer, watch the movements of musketeers in films, and… be healthy.

4. Everyone dances

Dancing fashions may come and go, but the health benefits they can bring are not temporary. The dancer uses almost all the muscles, calories are also burned, and at the same time, you feel a surge of good mood. As for the costs can be minimal – after all, dancing can be done anywhere, including at home.

5. Running.

It’s great that you don’t have to pay to run on the street. At the same time, this is one of the most valuable exercises. If you fear instantaneous loads, start small but gradually increase the distance. Very little time will pass, and you will feel you are not running in vain.

Motivation and attitudes

First, you need to decide why you need good physical shape. What do you want to achieve with this, and do you need it? The reasons may differ, but this will be the impetus for action.

“I want to lose weight” is too vague a formulation. Do you want to become slimmer than your friend and increase your self-esteem? Do you want to lose weight to become healthier? Do you just want it because it’s fashionable? Maybe after you answer yourself honestly, you will understand that it is not you who needs this, but those around you.

To keep yourself in good shape, you must change your old attitudes to new ones. If you decide to take care of yourself and realize that you need to change your lifestyle, then without changing old attitudes, you will remain in the same place. Therefore, list negative attitudes imposed on you by your parents, friends, acquaintances, or that you came up with for yourself. For example: “You have such a build, you tend to be overweight.” Such an attitude will not allow you to achieve the desired result; you will quit what you started when you do not see the result in the shortest possible time.

What can be done? We write down negative attitudes that will hinder us in achieving our transformation, change them to positive ones, and find positive examples. Motivation, attitudes, and awareness of the goal will lead you to success.

Action plan

Once you’ve figured out why you need to get in shape, it’s time to create a tracker of the new habits you want to introduce into your life.

What is a “tracker,” and what is it for? A habit “tracker” is a table calendar in which you record completed tasks and then see how regularly you cope with them. You can download the “tracker” to your smartphone or draw it yourself. This way, you can track your progress.

When you want to give up and look at the distance you have already covered, this will help you not to give up and continue to move towards your goal.

Don’t try to introduce many habits into your life at once. It’s better to start gradually and add new ones little by little. Your body will slowly get used to the new pace of life, small successes will bring you joy, not torture.

Time for yourself for self-development

To ensure that our resources are not depleted, that emotional burnout does not occur, and that we have the strength for new achievements, including exercising our physical fitness, we must devote personal time to ourselves. Just 30 minutes a day is enough; this is called the “half-hour theory.”

The general idea is to do one small activity every day for half an hour and then make it more difficult as you improve. This way, you can finally read the book you’ve wanted for a long time, start learning languages, drawing, and so on.

Right now, when we try to spend less time in crowded places and spend most of our time at home, it’s time to think about ourselves and our self-development and improve our well-being.

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