Bridget Otoo reacts to IGP Dampare’s actions after public hearing

Bridget Otoo, a TV host and media personality, has offered her opinion on the latest scandal involving the Inspector General of Police (IGP).


This followed claims that the IGP worked with an NPP party member to covertly record a discussion with top police officials discussing the removal of his administration.
The IGP allegedly collaborated with Bugri Naabu to create this recording, according to two police officials, COP George Alex Mensah and Superintendent George L Asare, implying that Bugri Naabu notified the IGP about their meeting.


The IGP vehemently denied having any such working connection with Bugri Naabu on September 12 during a public hearing.

Bridget Otoo reacts to IGP Dampare’s actions after public hearing

In addition, he discussed his tight bond with his coworkers, referring to them as “brothers.”

In a tweet, Bridget Otoo observed how the IGP fervently stressed his relationship with COP George Alex Mensah and even referenced helping him through a trying period, perhaps when he lost his mother.

Bridget Otoo stated that she believed the IGP had successfully refuted the charges throughout the hearing.

IGP frequently refers to Alex Mensah as his brother, the poster wrote. claims that when he lost his mother, I was there for him. speaks so passionately. IGP is crushing them!”

Her remarks come as interest in the public hearing that results from a recording that was released and shows some people attempting to unseat the IGP is rising.

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