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5 reasons you shouldn’t let anyone move in with you

There are good reasons to be cautious before letting someone move into your home, even in an emergency.

While it seems sense that a buddy may become lost and require lodging, it’s crucial to think about these possible drawbacks before deciding:

1. Overstaying their welcome: It’s possible that your friend, in their time of need, may unintentionally overstay their welcome.

What starts as a temporary situation could become a more extended stay, potentially causing inconvenience and discomfort.

They may also get too comfortable leeching off you and make no effort to find a place of their own.

2. Disruption to your routine: Allowing someone to move into your house, even temporarily, can disrupt your daily routine and privacy.

Your friend’s presence might lead to a loss of personal space and a need to adapt to their habits.

3. Conflict and discomfort: Living with someone, even briefly, can sometimes lead to conflicts or discomfort, especially if you have different living habits and expectations.

This could strain your friendship. In cases where they show any reluctance to move out, it could breed feelings of resentment on your part.


5 reasons you shouldn’t let anyone move in with you

4. Unforeseen responsibilities: Taking in a friend may bring unforeseen responsibilities. You might find yourself taking care of their needs, which can be emotionally and financially taxing.

5. Property damage and liability: When someone stays in your home, there’s always a risk of accidental property damage.

This could strain your relationship and create financial or liability issues.

In emergencies, it’s essential to assess the situation carefully and set clear boundaries and expectations to minimize potential problems that can arise from accommodating friends in your home.

If you have the means, pay for a place for them to lodge for the night or some days to avoid the drama involved with having to ask them to leave.

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