You’re useless if another man takes care of your child- Sonnie Badu fires

Gospel singer Sonnie Badu from Ghana has come out against negligent fathers who neglect their kids.

In an interview with 3 Music TV, he criticized absent fathers and labeled them as useless, claiming that this leaves their male offspring unsure of their sexual orientation.

The gospel singer warned all absent fathers to go out there and find their children and take care of them, saying that fatherhood is a big deal. He also discussed how most men delegate all of the household duties to their wives, which makes the women prefer to be the men. He said as follows:

“You’re useless if another man takes care of your child except you’re dead or something; you’re useless, man. There’s been scenarios where there’s a divorce and a child but the father is not responsible and the stepfather is taking everything.”

“I find it very offensive because boys need their dad; most people who are struggling with their sexuality is as a result of living with mummy throughout, so all their visuals were mummy making up, mummy in high heels; there was no man to man them up, most of them.”

You’re useless if another man takes care of your child- Sonnie Badu fires

“Most of the girls who have been abused in life as a result of not having a father who they could run to for shelter and love run to other men who take advantage of that.

Naturally, if you’re a man, you’ve got to provide but then some men have not provided and it makes the women become men in the house because if they don’t do it, there will be a problem in the house or the children will struggle and men have those tendencies of not really caring; they just go out and the women have to fend for themselves.”

“Fatherhood in the house is a big deal. And hey, talking to every man, if you have a child anywhere, go find your child.”

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