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You should know this before getting married

No matter how long you’ve known someone, you can never truly understand them.

However, there are certain fundamental things you should understand if you want to start a relationship. You can make wise selections by paying attention to the numerous stages they go through.

When they are content: When someone is happy, their behavior toward you and people around them might reveal important information. Do they genuinely commit, or do they just make empty promises?

You’ll be able to learn more about the person you’re thinking about spending the rest of your life with if you pay attention to these subtleties.

You should know this before getting married

When They’re Sad: Life is a blend of joyful and challenging moments. Witnessing how someone copes with sadness is essential.

Getting a glimpse of their demeanour during tough times will give you an idea of their resilience and how they handle adversity.

When They’re Desperate: A person’s behaviour during desperate times reveals much about their character. In these times, you get to see what they are capable of.

You get to know the extent to which they can go to get what they need.

Familiarizing yourself with this side of them can prove invaluable in times of need.

When They’re Angry: Observing their behaviour when they’re angry offers valuable insights into their true nature. If their anger leads them to be verbally abusive or resort to physical aggression, it’s a clear indicator that they might not be the right partner for you.

When They’re Financially Stable: A person’s financial stability can reveal traits that might remain hidden when they’re broke. It’s during these times that you can gauge their generosity and attitude toward money.

Whether they’re willing to share their resources, prefer to spend extravagantly, or become arrogant or remain humble.

Remember that relationships are multifaceted, and understanding these diverse aspects can contribute to making informed decisions about your future with someone.

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