“You can’t make money from rituals, be careful ” – Kanayo O Kanayo

Renowned Nollywood actor Kanayo O Kanayo has cautioned young people from participating in money rituals as a means of gaining cash.

The gifted actor, who has won several awards, developed a reputation as a ritualist as a result of the parts he portrayed in Nollywood productions.

He had always been the desperate guy who was willing to give up anything to get rich, even human sacrifices.

Speaking on the subject of “Rituals, Riches, and Realities: The Myths of Money-Making and the Dignity of Labor,” he stressed in a recent conversation that there is absolutely no relationship at all between money and the offering of human sacrifices.

“You can’t make money from rituals, be careful ” – Kanayo O Kanayo

Kanayo O Kanayo said:

“These people (youths) have up their ante and it is not about what they watch (movies). There is no truth to the fact that a man living in a thatched house will ask you to kill your girlfriend and sleep with her to make money.

“The Yahoo (scam) we knew many years ago was writing letters and promising deals that were utopian. We know many people who are in public office today who were part of it. I will not want to mention names.

“But today people are told that. The in-thing is Yahoo Promax, which involves killing someone, eating the heart of the person and washing it down with Hennessy, and the belief that you will make money. I can’t see any connection between that and making money. Money is made through hard work.”

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