Xandy Kamel in ‘tears’ as she is allegedly Pregnant for her ‘Cheating’ Husband

Actress Xandy Kamel might just have found herself in a very sticky situation as she’s being alleged to be pregnant.

The suspended Angel TV host and her husband, Nana Kwaku Mensah ‘Kaninja’, are currently separated.

Xandy has alleged that he’s cheated on her countless times, not only with his ex-girlfriend before they got married but with other random girls.

Therefore their marriage is currently on hold, which is absolutely the worst time for any pregnancy to occur.

Xandy has popped back up online after taking some time off to heal after weeping bitterly following her husband’s betrayal.

Shockingly, she has come back like nothing happened and is posting some funny videos.

The content of her videos are not really interesting Ghanaians as much as the fact that she’s wearing a maternity dress!

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Why pop back up online after all this time and be in a maternity dress?

Naturally, inquisitive social media in-laws have come up to wonder why.

The blog ghanafuo ho nsem posted the video and posed a critical question.

“Mrs. Kaninja wearing this Maternity dress di3, I hope everything is Bokoor,”they wrote.

The clear implication here is that she could be hiding something underneath that dress!



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