Xandel Kamel invokes heavy curses on popular TikTok influencer

Ghanaian socialite, Xandy Kamel, has been seen cursing an influencer on TikTok for disparaging her.

Several netizens were closely observing her while she performed incantations live on TikTok, when she was photographed holding two bottles of schnapps.

Xandy and Betty, an influencer from Kumasi, teamed together earlier on TikTok to take on another influencer who was purportedly snatching her guy.

Xandy took charge of the altercation and insulted Abena, the woman who was accused of snatching Betty’s man.

Xandel Kamel invokes heavy curses on popular TikTok influencer

When Xandy Kamel including Abena’s family, Tutuwaa, the TikToker’s older sister, became enraged and retaliated violently.

Online, Tutuwaa was observed body-shaming and criticizing Xandy for showing disdain for her family.

However, Xandy Kamel was alerted to this development and did not take it lightly.

While draining the schnapps, the well-known actress called for the spirits of her deceased father and other gods.

In the meantime, Tutuwaa has disregarded Xandy’s curses in her most recent reaction.

Xandy has a history of cursing people on social media at the first sign of offense.

The actress used charcoal to curse a netizen in 2022 after she expressed her hatred for her.

She also blamed Charlie Dior, a well-known fashion critic, for body-shaming her at some point in 2023.

As a result of her unhappy marriage, Xandy Kamel cursed her ex-husband Kaninja by a stream in 2021.

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