Wondering If Hajia Bintu’s ‘Bortos’ is Natural?

Checkout These Photos For Confirmation

Ghanaian Social media sensation, Hajia Bintu has affirmed once more that her fortunate hilly again is all- normal and now not fake.

Since the time she made her considerable fulfillment through web- primarily based media with her Tiktok video, it has been broadly guessed her returned was won thru a clinical procedure.

All matters considered, in a QnA with a element of her fans on IG, Noami Asiamah, who likes to be known as Hajia Bintu for showbiz reasons has at long last reacted to this inquiry of the brains of severa humans who have come to like what they see at her back.

One of her fans on IG added up marriage ” is your azz all- regular” all through the QnA which noticed many individuals resolved to comprehend her relationship status.

Because of this inquiry, Hajia Bintu dropped an ancient image of herself at her young that had her back popping even at that point.

She delivered the response ‘ presented an clarification to’ inform the fan that the proof is the component that the picture shows.

Then, Hajia Bintu has answered to claims that she rests around with guys just to back her prosperous way of life.

As indicated via the web- based media influencer, it is by no means evident that any lady who starts offevolved to get alongside admirably at a youthful age lays down with men to get her cash.

In responding to a component of the gossipy tidbits from some on- line media clients, Hajia Bintu expressed that the men and women who skip such bogus stuff about her concerning her napping around with a number of men will remain in neediness and chunk the dirt in it.

The nicely proportioned socialite supplied her remarks in a video she recorded on her online media handles to address the trouble which has been ready in the public place for quite a while.

It is no bogus information to kingdom that Ghanaians have at some point of the years been labeling kids who parade amazing garments and lift on with notable methods of life via web- based media as kill sovereigns who rely upon guys for endurance.



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