Woman mysteriously loses voice shortly before giving testimony in court

A woman is said to have unexpectedly lost her voice just before she was scheduled to appear at a High Court in a case that has stirred controversy in Zimbabwe.

When it came time for her to testify in the case against the suspected rapist of her daughter, the distressed woman’s words deserted her.

The woman desperately tried to describe what had happened to her, but all she could do was cry and gesture.
The lifestyle publication H-Metro posted a video of a mother sobbing hysterically at the courtroom.
She was spotted making frantic attempts to speak, and when she realized she had failed, she wailed even harder.

The video of the mother wailing uncontrollably at the courts was shared by the lifestyle tabloid H-Metro.


She fell several times in court before the judge called for a hearing, according to some netizens who were there when the footage was released online.

Social media users’ views of the video have been divided, with some urging the court to utilize other communication tools like a pen and paper.

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