Woman Breaks Down In Tears, Begs Akufo-Addo To Reverse Abolition Of Road Tolls


As authorized by the Minister of Roads, thirty-seven (37) toll booths will be closed, resulting in the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs that were dependent on the tolls’ operationalization.

The early signs aren’t promising for the majority of women who work at tollbooths. A couple of vendors at the new Beposo tollbooth on the Cape Coast-Takoradi route are wailing about the new order.


As a result of the directive’s implementation, their lives would be turned upside down. This woman, who claims to be a widow, says there is nothing she can do to assist her family given the scenario in their request for a reconsideration of the closing of these tollbooths.

She screamed for aid as she rolled around on the ground. She pleaded with the President to consider the directive’s socioeconomic impact on their life.


The tollbooth has been her family’s sole source of income, and given her circumstances, she could barely make it through the crowded market in the streets and other trading centers. Although regrettable, there is currently little that can be done to change the decision.

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Stop collecting road tolls immediately – Roads Ministry orders

The outpouring of support following the announcement of the elimination of the road toll levy outweighs the demands of these traders. The Minister of Finance, Ken Ofori Atta, stated during his presentation of the 2022 Budget that these tollbooths contributed to the massive traffic on our roadways, carbon emissions, and most importantly, the waste of productive hours.

Weighing the benefits against the odds given by these traders is a bit perplexing. In the meanwhile, these dealers’ only alternative is to compete with their colleagues at traffic intermissions and other highway rest breaks.
Ghana’s streets have been transformed into a mini-supermarket. These hawkers could sell you almost anything while you were going down the road. However, times have changed. They will be phased out in the future.
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