Wife k!lls husband for stealing children’s school fees to buy alcohol

A lady has been detained by Ugandan police on suspicion of murdering her spouse after a marital dispute about money.

A police investigation claims that Juliet Chelangat, 43, murdered Stephen Namawangala, 40, over a dispute about $52.

After her husband reportedly took her monetary savings and neglected to reimburse her, Chelangat murdered him. Chelangat allegedly took out $52 from a savings group to cover her kids’ tuition.

When challenged, Namawangala claimed to have reimbursed the money even though he had stolen it and spent it on booze. When the spouse did not return the money as promised, a furious argument broke out between them.

Wife k!lls husband for stealing children’s school fees to buy alcohol

Chelangat pulled her husband to the ground during the heated altercation, and he passed away while being transported to Kpchorwa Hospital.

“At around 11pm, they developed a quarrel which led to a fight, where the suspect pushed her husband to the ground and he became unconscious.

He died while being rushed to Kapchorwa Hospital. The suspect was arrested and detained in custody for murder,” police report read.

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