Why Raphael Dwamena refused to retire despite heart problems revealed

The tragic collapse and death of Raphael Dwamena, which happened in Albania during a league game, have left the football community in grief.
The 28-year-old Ghanaian striker passed away on Saturday, November 11, 2023, during a game between FK Egnatia and Partizani.

The game was eventually called off due to Dwamena’s unexpected fall to the ground and consequent loss of consciousness.
Even though his teammates sought medical assistance right away, they were unable to revive the former Red Bull Salzburg player.

Why Raphael Dwamena refused to retire despite heart problems revealed

In 2020, the football player told El Periodico De Aragon that he planned to continue playing football for a long time despite his recurring heart ailment.

He clarified that he felt fearless because of his faith and that he trusted that God would protect his heart.

“Obviously, it was not a good feeling to have to leave football; it was a hard blow to stop playing at that time. But I knew that I would play again because God is always faithful and is always with me,” Dwamena said in an interview three years ago.

“Taking the news was not a problem. And the media will publish everything they hear; that’s not something new; it always happens.

“At all times, I always feel like nothing is wrong with me. I believe that God is the one who takes care of my heart. I may have symptoms of heart problems or other things, but I am never afraid. God is with me.”

He added: “Each doctor has his own opinions, and I respect them. I looked for different evaluations. I respect their roles and jobs, but my wish was to get back to playing and do everything possible to achieve it.”

Dwamena’s most recent setback before passing away was in 2021 during a cup match for the Austrian team BW Linz, when he passed out.

The match versus Hartberg was canceled due to his hurried evacuation to the hospital after the event.

Even though Dwamena showed a lot of potential as a striker and had a very successful season in the Austrian Premier League in 2016–17, his heart condition often caused obstacles in his career.

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