Why I’m still pretty despite my age – MzVee reveals secret

The Ghanaian singer MzVee claims that since she is in charge of her own affairs, she seems a lot younger.

MzVee claimed during a Property FM interview that her happiness and serenity had improved her skin and general wellness.

“I like to mind my business all the time so I’ll advise that you also mind your business and you’ll avoid all the wrinkles. Also, be grateful and content with what you have I know we hear this all the time but someone doesn’t even have what you have,” she added.

Why I still pretty despite my age – MzVee reveals secret

MzVee continued, “You think you have only 5 cedis but guess what someone doesn’t even have anything so be very grateful and just keep fighting. As for the Akpl3 that’s the number one secret to my evergreen forever young looks but the other one is that I mind my business” she remarked.

MzVee is currently promoting her new single, titled Destiny.

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