Why I regret graduating with a first-class – Lady shares

A Nigerian lad was shown in a video posted on Twitter by Instablog9ja expressing her remorse about receiving a first-class diploma and being named the department’s top graduate.

She cited her prioritization of her schoolwork above her social life during her time in school as one of the reasons she made this comment.

“I regret graduating with a first-class. I am not saying it is wrong to graduate with a first-class or as the best-graduating student, don’t get me wrong, but that shouldn’t be your only focus. It is a good thing to graduate with good grades. By all means, if you have the mental strength, if you want to, please graduate with a first class, but that shouldn’t be your only priority”.

“While I was in school, I was only focused on my academics and nothing else mattered. And now, two years later, I regret it so much. Right now, my social life is a wreck. There is no relation; romantic or even normal friendships”, she said.

According to her, the world is dealing with networking in this century, therefore your ability to succeed in life will depend more on the people you know than on your graduation class.

“Let me tell you something, where networking and connection will take you, trust me, your first-class degree will not take you. Take it from someone who graduated as the best graduating student in my department”.

“Let’s be honest, it’s 2023 and you’re in Nigerian, nobody cares about what you graduated with. Someone with a second-class upper or lower due to networking will be seen at reputable places than someone who graduated with a first-class and has no connections”, she added.

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