Why I can’t divorce my husband – Mcbrown reveals

While addressing a group of young women at a seminar, Mcbrown made a subtle response to the outrageous claims made by Ohene Phrah that Mr. Maxwell Mensah had slept with Maame Serwaa.
Mcbrown claims that there are a number of reasons why she cannot just decide to end her marriage with her husband, one of which being the social stigma attached to divorce that paints all divorced women as immoral.

She continued by saying that once a woman leaves a marriage, she is labeled as immoral.

Mcbrown stressed to the young women that marriage is still a pleasant experience in spite of its ups and downs.

Why I can’t divorce my husband – Mcbrown reveals

The acclaimed Ghanaian actress also exclusively said at the same session that she doesn’t take her husband’s late arrival from partying lightly.

According to Mcbrown, she attempts to make her husband responsible for his conduct even if he is the leader of the household.

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