Why I attended the viral wild All-Black Party – Rev. Obofour explains

Rev. Isaac Obofour has responded to the harsh criticism he received for attending a recent, well publicized All-Black Party in Kumasi.

The creator of Anointed Palace Chapel came under fire from online commenters after he was identified as one of the dignitaries who attended the event, which was mostly attended by Ghanaian influencers, slay queens, and secular artists.

Along with being seen among this crowd, Rev. Obofour was also spotted on stage pouring piles of cash on one of the performers.

However, he has finally revealed the reason for his acts in a video that is becoming viral on social media.

Regarding how he arrived at such a location following an innocent invitation from his boyhood buddy who was hosting the party, Obofour remarked,

“Exactly a week ago, my very good, rich, and down-to-earth friend invited me to a party. He is the CEO of Ridge Condos. He invited me to his party. I am laying emphasis on a party. He asked me to come because we are childhood friends and if you meet this man, he is so down to earth. He relates to his workers well and is a true reflection of godliness. He gives hope to the hopeless.

Why I attended the viral wild All-Black Party – Rev. Obofour explains

“We are putting up some huge projects in Techiman, so we got back to Kumasi and he told me that he is having an All-Black party that evening so I should come keep him company. I’m talking about a party and not a nightclub. I was at his office upstairs and he gave me a nice treat. Later, we descended to the party grounds and we met Nana B and Taabea Bitters CEO. I was with these people and we sat at a table together. I am very much aware of the presence of top bloggers, influencers, and co, yet, because I have nothing to hide, I was there.”

Rev. Obofour averred that out of the many reactions he chanced on; he was really shocked about claims that he was at a nightclub.

“I saw countless captions that I was at a nightclub. How? If you hate me, don’t destroy my name. don’t say what you don’t know. Even if I was at a nightclub, and so what?” he said.

According to him, most of his problems in life so far, stemmed from associating himself with his colleague pastors, adding that he (Obofour) will only go where he is accepted.

“Jesus went where he was accepted. I always say that almost all the problems I have had in my life were championed by pastors. These are pastors I respected so much and held in high esteem. A time came and they teamed up against me. Some of them wanted me to go to jail for nothing. They just wanted to bring me down,” he stressed.

Watch the video below:

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