Why Hajia4Reall has de-activated all her social media accounts

The socialite from Ghana, Hajia4Reall, deleted all of her social media profiles, leaving many to question why she did so.

Upon inspecting her Instagram profile, all of her photos have been removed and replaced with the message, “Hi Nosy.” She blatantly stated in her bio, “This account is temporarily unavailable for your viewing.”

After recently enrolling at Union College, the socialite took these steps to concentrate on her education, according to Hajia4Reall’s official blogger, GH Hyper, who provided additional details on the situation.

“You may have recently heard that Hajia4Reall had been granted permission to attend school in the U.S. and well, there’s a new update on that! Mona has been granted admission to the Union University College to study during the upcoming spring semester. To concentrate on her studies, Mona has deactivated all her social media accounts!

“If you know Mona you know how she loves social media so this is just an indication of her intention to truly take her education seriously. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! Stay tuned to GhHyper for all the updates on Mona’s new journey towards self-improvement.”

Why Hajia4Reall has de-activated all her social media accounts

Hajia4Reall’s plea to study public speaking and English writing during the trial is granted by the court.

Hajia4Reall was recently given permission by a US judge to enroll in some classes at a university in New York.

This comes after the socialite, through her new attorney Mr. Michael Perkins, requested to the court to lift the limits on her pre-trial bond so that she may go to classes and other events more easily.

Hajia4Reall, who is presently in home confinement, declared in a statement submitted to the court that she plans to enrol in a five-month English composition and public speaking course at Union College, which will run from January to May 2024.


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