Why Efia Odo ‘slapped’ Diana Asamoah

Efia Odo, a socialite and actress from Ghana, criticized gospel singer Diana Asamoah for implying “greed and envy” in response to a question about the country’s economic hardships.

She claimed that because Diana Asamoah had been bought with money, she was unable to speak the truth about the situation of the Ghanaian economy at the moment.

The Ghanaian socialite labeled Diana Asamoah as a Christian without the Holy Spirit who spreads falsehoods in front of the public while being aware of the country’s hardships.

Why Efia Odo ‘slapped’ Diana Asamoah

“Diana Asamoah has had an encounter with money so now the Holy Spirit has left her, and she’s unable to speak the truth. When the Holy Spirit dwells within, you are able to speak the truth no matter how painful it is !!! God is watching.

“Does she [Diana Asamoah] really know what’s going on in the country? Does she understand what we’re fighting for? What does this image have to do with greed and envy?” Efia Odo wrote on X in reaction to Diana Asamoah’s remarks on the state of the Ghanaian economy.

After Diana Asamoah praised the Akufo-Addo-led administration for implementing free SHS and other initiatives, Efia Odo expressed her discontent.

Diana Asamoah claimed that the struggle would continue even if Jesus were to become Ghana’s president and the populace’s opinions remained unchanged.

“The whole world is in a crisis, a lot of the hardships also rest on our actions. I have always maintained that even if Jesus becomes president and we don’t change our attitudes, we won’t have it right,” she said on United Showbiz programme on September 30, 2023.

“The Bible talks about blessings for the truthful and that those in haste won’t have it well,” she stressed.

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