What To Eat Or Drink After S*x To Restore Lost Energy

We burn average of 60–100 calories during hanky panky — which is like an apple, a cup of broccoli, or some cheese. You’re not losing that much energy during normal s*x (around 30–60 min) to have to “replenish” your energy stores.

The only thing you would have to think about is water. You’ll be sweating buckets (if you’re having marathon-length s*x). Then again, it’s always a good ideas to hydrate with or without s*x.

Also, for women, drinking water before and after (so you can pee) helps fight against bladder infections that can arise from copious amounts of pillow play.

As for food, a normal/balanced diet — three meals a couple healthy snacks — is more than enough.

If you need THAT much more calories just because of s*x …

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