We’ll continue to use World Bank and IMF programs ahead of 2024 elections – Finance Minister

Despite the fact that this is an election year, the government will follow the World Bank-supported Development Policy Operations and the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) Post-COVID-19 Programme for Economic Growth (PC-PEG), according to Finance Minister Mohammed Amin Adam.

He said this on Tuesday, March 26, in Accra, at his first-ever monthly press conference on the economy.

“In spite of the election year being a difficult year in every country, in the world, we are determined to stay the course as far as these programmes [IMF] are concerned,” he stated.

Additionally, Mr. Adam stated that the administration intends to finish the foreign debt restructuring program as soon as possible.

“We want to optimise the mobilisation of domestic revenue and rein in expenditure through expenditure controls and rationalisation. Firmly implement the government’s growth strategy with a focus on improving SME productivity, efficiency, and financing, given the significant contribution the SME sector makes to the growth of our economy as well as for job creation,” he added.

We’ll continue to use World Bank and IMF programs ahead of 2024 elections – Finance Minister

The minister of finance emphasized that in order to successfully carry out the revised energy sector recovery program, the Ministry would collaborate with the Ministry of Energy.

“And above all, to pursue an inclusive approach to economic management. This will include instituting a joint economic round table with the academia to discuss topical economic issues. And this forum will seek to bring academia and policymakers to have a conversation on topical issues, as they affect the economy and to propose solutions on our way forward.”

“A Ghana development forum which will be a forum to bring various stakeholders together to discuss and build consensus on key interventions such as the IMF programme and our debt restructuring programme,” he stated.

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