Watch as fetish priest storms church for charm he allegedly gave to a pastor

On Thursday, February 22, 2024, fetish priest in Accra, also referred to as Nana 5:30, reportedly invaded the Vision Power Ministry in the Accra neighborhood of Amamole, demanding charm he had given to the church. As per the claims, Nana 5:30 asserted that he bestowed charm upon Odeefour Agyenim Boateng, the church head, to facilitate the acquisition of new members and the execution of miracles. On Friday, February 23, 2024, social media profile on X, EDHUB, posted video capturing the time when Nana 5:30 and his group assaulted the Vision Power Ministry.

Watch as fetish priest storms church for charm he allegedly gave to a pastor

Digging was observed by one of the guys belonging to the fetish priest in order to extract charm that was purportedly buried there.

He dug for a while before pulling out what appeared to be a tied cloth—something that didn’t appear to have been buried for even a day.

“… this is my charm; I have uprooted it. I was the one who buried it here. This is it, this is our charm, we have come back for our thing,” the fetish priest said.

The gang said that as soon as the pastor noticed them approaching the church, he fled.

In the footage, a woman who was in the church and was thought to be the pastor’s wife could be heard disputing Nana 5:30 and his team’s assertion that they had given the pastor a charm.

She said that the fetish priests were con artists and that they had planted the alleged charm in order to bring shame upon the pastor.

However, a closer examination of the purported charm reveals it to be extremely clean, defying expectations that it would appear unclean given the fetish priest and his team’s assertions.

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