Viral video of Rev Obofour chilling in the club

Following his presence at the “All Black Party” event hosted by Ridge Condos Ghana, revered Ghanaian cleric Reverend Obofour has found himself in the center of controversy.

The revered spiritual leader, who is well-known for his religious teachings, has drawn criticism on social media for taking part in a celebration that appears to go against his advice about engaging in some worldly pursuits.

Following the success of Rev Obofour’s video, the “All Black Party” event—which has received a lot of attention on social media—has risen to the forefront of discussion.

Viral video of Rev Obofour chilling in the club

Discussions over the apparent discrepancy between Rev. Obofour’s beliefs and his behavior have been aroused by his attendance at the gathering.

Some have questioned if his presence at an event with a party atmosphere is consistent with his spiritual beliefs as a man of God who has preached against practices like clubbing.

Rev Obofour can be seen engaging with guests, including rapper Ypee, in the viral footage from the event. He even takes part in a performance by dousing the rapper with money as he is performing.

Many social media users expressed surprise, disappointment, and even fury about what they saw to be a divergence from the usual attitude of a religious leader in response to the video.

The clergyman’s actions, which were caught on camera, have drawn criticism for being in opposition to the values he espouses in his lectures.

A swarm of comments from netizens who have shared their opinions on the topic have been sparked by the disparity between the pulpit and the party.


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