Video of Adwoa Safo Sharing Plantain Chips for her constituents surfaces

Adwoa Safo, the representative for Dome Kwabenya, has earned the ire of Ghanaians when a viral image of her enjoying plantain chips with her constituents appeared online.

As she seeks to be re-elected to the House of Representatives, Adwoa Safo has been on a tour of atonement.

Adwoa Safo made the decision to win back the hearts of her supporters after vacationing for more than a year in the United States of America.

Adwoa Safo and her team made the decision to provide free goods to constituents.

Video of Adwoa Safo Sharing Plantain Chips for her constituents surfaces

In the most recent video, she has advanced to eating plantain chips and doughnuts with her people after sharing yogurt with them a few weeks earlier.

Following the widespread success of a picture of Sarah Adwoa Safo spreading yogurt, Ghanaians began to make fun of her.

The member of parliament for Dome Kwabenya is so eager to win re-election in the general elections of 2024 that she would stop at nothing to achieve her goal.

She was spotted offering some sweets to the attendees at an event in an effort to win their hearts.

Adwoa Safo used the footage posted by UTV on their Instagram page to demonstrate that she is still the modest Member of Parliament people chose during the 2020 election.

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