Meet the new Ghana Micheal Jackson (+video)

  • In a viral video sighted by, a about five-year-old primary school boy shows his dancing skills that compares him to the renowned Nana Kwasi Agyemang, alias Geeman, or famously called: “Ghana Michael Jackson”.

As it is in line with the Pop’s greatest, Michael Jackson’s beginning, this young boy in the video has been surrounded by his mates, and he apparently dances to teach them the latest in the Ghana Dancing Dictionary.

The video begins with this young prodigy dozing off in class as his mates learnt how to spell and pronounce: *”GOAT”*
But, when it was break time, he shook off the yoke of sleeping, and jumped onto the dancing floor, dancing to a music that sounds like that of Shata Wale, and maybe played on a teacher’s record player, or phone.

Those who first see the video will obviously laugh, and may, thinking as if that is the best, ridicule the boy as: ” an idiot who only thinks of dancing but not his books “.

But, we at thinks otherwise. We believe each an everyone possesses a special talent, and if harnessed well, they’ll achieve greatness.
We at least know Robert Kelly who even didn’t know how to sign a signature/autograph, let alone writing a song he sang, but his songs crossed oceans and continents.

By this writeup, we put out the video there, and invite readers to watch it themselves, and take a second look at talent, as it’s of categories.

If our country will create a happy society, these are the kids that are to be looked for, polish them and add to the tourist attractions to the country.

They’re there in our streets. The dancers, footballers, athletes, boxers, fashionistas, comedians…………. and a whole lot of them.

Check out the viral video


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