Use Social Media For Business Purposes Not For Chasing Men And Eomen – Mrs Constance Bonsu

Mrs Constance Bonsu ,the founder of Ladies Entrepreneurship Network(LEN), has urged Ghanaians to use social media for business purposes rather chasing men and women.

She said this during a train- up course she organized to trained women on how to market their products or business on social media.

She has uttered that many ghanaians spend more than 3 hours on Facebook and other social media platforms and they just go the to either chase both women and men or do something which add up nothing to their lives..

According to her, social media is a particular platform for making new friends worldwide and to transact businesses but many people thinks that setting up a business is about getting a big shop or a particular joint which has been one of the difficulties we ghanaians are facing today.

“Social media business is a type of business which will earn you a lot of money and you would be known worldwide, if you sell out the best product to the customer at the first time and he/she never faced any challenges, that is where you would be recommended to someone else which you have no idea about it” she added.

“You don’t need a big shop before selling on social media, the goods can be in your garage or room. Yours is just to deliver it to the consumer when an order is placed” she cited.

She further stated wasting of airtime and posting of unnecessary contents on social media platforms adds up nothing to one’s life but rather waste of scarce resource which can be used to gain revenue .

“Social media platforms serve as the very best platforms to transact businesses but many have no idea about it because they think it is a platform for posting unnecessary contents and writing of comments ” she explained

She therefore called each and everyone who is on social media to use it for their businesses because ,its world wide when selling but for a shop, it will be situated at a particular place within a locality.

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