Until Ghanaians accept the fact that I’m the true Messiah who died for the world, Ghana will never develop economically – Popular Prophet

Prophet Nyame Somafo Yaw who leads the congregation of Ntonton Nkabom Som has unveiled why Ghana is failing to progress economically despite all the massive effort of the leaders of the nation.

According to him in an interview asserted that, until Ghanaians realize that he is the true Messiah who died and took away the sins of mankind, Ghana will economically crawl till thy kingdom come.

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When I say the truth people don’t believe me but what Ghanaians want is for a white man to say something and they would be shivering. Leaders of this country should know that if they don’t come to me there is no way this country will progress. This country will remain as it is and it doesn’t matter if we continue to vote ten times and change government ten times nothing monumental in terms of development will happen in this country. Even if we don’t take care, Ghana will retrogress than its current state that we’re witnessing now. This is how God Almighty has made his ways that until the country accept the religion I have introduced this country would never know peace.” he opined.

Making more claims, he added that until the nation accepts him as the true Messiah, nobody should think of development.

Unless the leaders of this country make a move and it shouldn’t be just coming to Asomdwee Ntonton Som but to proclaim that God is only one and that Nyame Somafo Yaw is a true messenger of God before things will go on well in this country, ” he noted




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